11 March 2017

Turkey E-VISAS Offered

We are pleased to announce that we are providing help across the country and world to all Canadians seeking an e-Visa for Turkey.

The Government of Turkey requires that all Canadians have a valid e-Visa prior to boarding the aircraft flight to Turkey.

Turkey no longer offers visa-on-arrival, and you must have a visa prior to travel.

Many clients have found the Turkish government e-visa website difficult to use, and have had trouble paying for and receiving their visas.

We make it easy. We can do it in a single day for you.

Just fill out a simple on-page questionnaire and send it to us by email along with a scan of your passport.

Canadian citizens using a Canadian passport must get an e-visa at if the purpose of the trip is pleasure, business or attending a meeting. This visa allows the holder to stay in Turkey for a maximum of ninety (90) days and is valid for multiple entries during that period. The 90 day period begins on the date of arrival. The visa becomes valid as of the date you list for travel into Turkey - this means the visa will not be active until the date of your flight.

Click here for the new Turkey E-VISA form.

Viet Nam Electronic Visa Forms Forgotten

One of the most common problems we face with clients seeking a visa to Viet Nam is that the client often forgets to fill in the actual Viet Nam visa application form.

Many clients fill in our Visa Services Canada cover page, and check off that they have filled in the Viet Nam form on the government website when in fact they have completely ignored the form.

ALL applicants must follow the instructions and fill in the Viet Nam Visa form on the Viet Nam government website linked in our forms.

To actually apply for the visa you must go to this website for fill in the real application form.

Click here for the Viet Nam Visa Forms with the links and instructions.

Angola FAST Service Available

The Embassy of Angola has announced that it is now officially offering FAST visa processing to Canadians.

Fast is defined as seven (7) working days, but this is still a huge improvement over the regular three weeks of processing, and has been warmly welcomed by the oil and gas industry and by visa-seekers in general.

Of course with the new official service there is a new official price. There is an extra charge of $110. per applicant per visa for this enhanced handling. This is on top of the visa fee of $185, making it a new visa fee of $295.

Please be aware that paying for the faster processing does NOT guarantee a visa, nor does it actually force the embassy to make a decision within the 7 days.

Click here for Angolan visas.


Overwhelmed? We can help with personalized private Visa Concierge service tailored to your needs. We do the computer work for you!

Visa Services Canada is pleased to offer private personalized bespoke concierge services to our clients who need a lot more help filling in the often complex computer forms.

Our highly-skilled staff will walk you through the process and type up your entire visa form online on our website, or online with the various governmental websites, depending on your visa need.

We offer this special service to any client who needs extra help; who does not have a proper computer; who only has a mobile phone; who is too busy; or who just wants more help.

The process is simple:
1) Go to our website or one of the links below.
2) print out the form and fill it in by hand in ink pen in BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS.
3) Email the filled form to us.
4) We make up the proper typed and computerized form for you based on your hand-written details
5) We charge $199 for this private personalized Visa Concierge service.

We offer you this Visa Concierge Service on the following countries: Angola, Brazil, China, Egypt, Nigeria, Russia, Viet Nam, Tanzania, Ghana, Thailand and Indonesia.

 Click here for CHINA Visa Concierge.

Click here for NIGERIA Visa Concierge.

Click here for RUSSIA Visa Concierge.

Click here for ANGOLA Visa Concierge.

Click here for INDIA Visa Concierge.

Click here for EGYPT Visa Concierge.

Click here for BRAZIL Visa Concierge.

Click here for VIET NAM Visa Concierge.

Click here for KENYA Visa Concierge.

Click here for GHANA Visa Concierge

Click here for THAILAND Visa Concierge.

Click here for INDONESIA Visa Concierge.

Click here for TANZANIA Visa Concierge.

India visa not available in last 5 days

The Government of India will not accept or process an e-Visa request if there are less than five (5) days between the time or request and the day of entry into India.

Be warned, you cannot get the Indian e-Visa if you are entering Indian within 5 days - even on fast service.

Click here for the Indian e-Visa.

Russia Raises Visa Fees

The new Russian Government visa fees charged by the Embassy of Russia in Canada have risen dramatically.

All types of visas saw across-the-board price increases of 25% to 50%.

Tourists now pay a minimum visa fee of $176, rising to $453 for the fastest double-entry visa.

Businesses now pay a minimum visa fee of $176, rising to $806 for the fastest multi-entry visa.

While the fastest processing speed remains about three working days, the regular speed has dropped to nearly a month. With Canadian-Russian relations as bad as they are, do not expect this to get better any time soon.

Click here for Russian visas.

Egypt to Raise Visa Price in July

The Government of Egypt announced that their visa prices in Canada were to be dramatically increased immediately, but then promptly backtracked and put off the new fees for four months.

Effective 01 July 2017 the new Egyptian visa fees for tourists will rise from the current $40 per visa to a whopping $85 per visa. Fees for business visas will also rise accordingly.

Click here for Egypt visa forms.

China Photo Requirements now Strict

The Government of China in Beijing has set very strict new rules for visa application photographs. These new regulations must be obeyed to the letter or the application will be rejected.

As courtesy the Chinese produced a poster showing how they view the perfect visa photo.

Click here for the Chinese visa photo poster.

The size is very important, and all photos must be 33mm x 48mm. You cannot cut down a standard Canadian passport image to this size because your head will be too big. Have the photographer print the image the correct size to begin with.

One significant sticking point for many women is that the new rules dictate that both ears must be visible in the photo. Before you pay for a photo, ensure both of your ears can be seen.

Click here for Chinese visas.

07 October 2016

Brazil Strike Over!

The Brazilian foreign ministry workers have ended their strike, and all work is now returning to the normal schedule.

Please be aware that processing times are still long, and to expect to wait up to a month for visa processing.

Click here for Brazilian visas.

27 September 2016

All Brazil Consulates Processing Visas

The Consul of the Embassy of Brazil informed us this afternoon that all three Brazilian consulates in Canada are once again processing visas for all Canadian applicants.

However, we were told by the consul that processing times are still longer than normal and that there is no timeline yet for the resumption of normal service.

Canadians are cautioned to plan for substantial delays in visa processing, and are warned to apply ninety (90) days prior to travel in order to secure a visa.

Click here for Brazilian visas.