24 March 2015

Viet Visa Price Change

As of Wednesday 01 April 2015 the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam will begin charging for all visa services in US DOLLARS only.

We as your service provider will pay the Viet embassy on your behalf in US$. You still pay only in Canadian $ for the visa and the service.

This change will not have any effect on you as a client or visa seeker.

We will inform you on our company website and on this blog as soon as the new prices are available. We are hoping the price may drop slightly.

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20 March 2015

New Russian Vouchers

This week was tough in Moscow.

The Russian government wiped out four hundred visa voucher companies by ending their official registrations three months early and not giving them a chance to re-register in the normal fashion.

This does not hurt Canadians but i does mean that we have to change the name of our Russian voucher supplier.

As already reflected on our forms and manual, all Russian tourist vouchers will be issued by "OOO STATUS COMPANY" of  520, Building 2, Konyushennaya Square, St. Petersburg, 191186.

The new ministry reference number, always necessary for any document, is #011529.

Click here for Russian visa forms, prices, and a helpful manual.

19 March 2015

Brazil - Possible Slow Down in Computer

The Brazilian government informs Canadians that between 21 - 30 March 2015, due to adjustments on computer services in the Ministry of External Relations of Brazil headquarters in Brasilia (which manages the Brazilian Consular Network abroad) some consular services may be totally or partially affected. Therefore, the issuance of passports, vital certificates, visas, emails and other services could be impaired. Under those circumstances, whenever it is possible, the government recommends that applicants apply BEFORE these dates

Please expect disruptions to the computer system for those nine days.

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Russian Fees Increased

The Russian visa office has increased their fees by ten dollars for every type of visa and for every speed of service. Nothing else changed. It is business as usual.

Despite the tensions over the Russian war in Ukraine and western sanctions against Russia, there is no problem for Canadians seeking Russian tourist or business visas.

Click here for the Russian forms and manual.

New Forms for Gabon

The Embassy of Gabon in Canada has introduced new forms, and new photo requirements. At least the prices remain the same.

Applicants still have to fill in and sign three (3) forms, and provide three (3) identical photos.

The new photo size is exactly 35mm by 45mm. No deviation is allowed. Ensure the photographer prints the photos the right size. Do not cut the photos.

Click here for the new Gabon forms.

Egypt Makes Visas Mandatory

The Government of Egypt has ended visa-on-arrival.

All persons MUST have a valid Egyptian visa glued into their passport PRIOR to travel to Egypt.

You can no longer just buy the visa at the airport in Egypt.

If you attempt to board a flight without a visa in hand the airline is legally allowed to deny you boarding until you are properly documented (ie. have a visa in yoru passport).

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10 March 2015

New Chinese Visa Prices

Effective immediately the government of China is issuing TEN-YEAR MULTIPLE-ENTRY visas to most Canadians, and new fees apply to this new visa.

China visas will be valid for the remaining life of the Canadian passport. This means that a person using a new ten-year passport could get a ten-year visa.

There are new prices for this new feature.

Effective today there are only three prices instead of the previous twelve.
Fast service $247.18
Express service $203.93
Regular service $145.20

Click here for Chinese visa forms and prices and instructions.

09 March 2015

China TEN YEAR Visas

Effective immediately the government of China is issuing TEN-YEAR MULTIPLE-ENTRY visas to qualified Canadian business and tourist visa seekers.

Canadians who qualify for a multi-entry visa will no longer be limited to the old one-year visa. The new plan is that the visa will be valid for the remaining life of the passport. This means that a person using a new ten-year passport could get a ten-year visa.

Please note that you still need either official permission for a multi-entry visa, or must prove that you have held a Chinese visa previously by supplying your previous Chinese visa and old passport.

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04 February 2015

Ethiopia Price Rise and VOA

The government of Ethiopia raised their visa prices this year.

Since most Canadians get a visa-on-arrival, or do not even need a visa if they are transiting through Ethiopia, this does not have too much impact on Canadian flyers.

The government of Ethiopia sells VISA-ON-ARRIVAL services to tourists and to those in transit for less than 12 hours. Tourist visa can be issued a three month visa upon arrival at Bole International Airport. They must be nationals and residents of the following countries: CANADA, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Czech, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Korea, North Korea, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA.

Click here for Ethiopian Visa details and forms.

We Fill In Indian Forms for You

If you cannot fill in the Indian visa forms on-line on the Indian government website, we at Visa Services Canada can do it for you.

The Indian forms are very difficult for many people, tourists especially, to fill in at the on-line Indian government website.

We offer an Indian form filling service to those who cannot do this themselves. You email us the answers - we fill in the form - we email the final form to you - you print it, sign it, and ship it to us with your passport.

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