24 June 2014


Chinese visa fees increase as of Wednesday 02 July 2014.

Fees for regular service Chinese visas increase by $11.30 per visa.

This means that the old fee of $83.90 is replaced by the new fee of $95.20 next week.

Fees for express and fastest service visas remain the same. Only regular pricing is increasing.

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21 May 2014


Brazil visa fees have dropped as of today.

We are pleased to announce that the government of Brazil, after having held prices stable for several years, has dropped all visa fees by $25 effectively immediately.

So your tourist visa is now only $81.25  and your business visa is a mere $75.

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09 May 2014


************NEWS FLASH**********

The Consulate General of Brazil responsible for Canadians who live in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Yukon and NWT will suspend all visa processing for a month while the consulate works exclusively on FIFA World Cup 2014 visas.

From 15 May until 15 June 2014 inclusive the consular office will give the highest priority to FIFA visas "to ensure that all FIFA World Cup visas are issued on time".

The consul has stated that all FIFA visa applications be submitted prior to 26 May to help ensure timely visa issuance.

During the special period other types of visas (tourist, business, etc) will be issued only if urgency is duly proven" in advance and authorized by the consul prior to an application being submitted. This means any other applicants must submit a signed letter stating their reasons for needing a visa during this period. Applicants can be assured that their letter will be given full and real consideration by the consul.

This only applied to people who live in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon and NWT .

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The Government of Zimbabwe has streamlined their visa processing.

All travelers to Zimbabwe are now requried to have a special E-VISA aythorized prior to travel.

Canadians and other must now apply on-line through the new Zimbabwe immigration computer system for an e-visa authorization.

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As of 15 May 2014 the full Schengen Zone "VISA INFORMATION SYSTEM" (VIS) computer is running in Canada, and it connects all Schengen counties and their visa and immigration offices to each other.

The full system was running in Europe as of 11 October 2011, but it took another 2.5 years to roll it out in Canada. The system allows Schengen States to exchange visa data and to see who is applying for what, when and where in order to catch fraudulent or repeated applicants.

Nowe that the system is running in Canada applicants to any Schengen country MUST go for the mandatory interview and for full biometric scanning (fingerprints and digital photos and sometimes iris scans).

Applicants must make appointments to apply for the visa and be scanned. Applicants MUST appear IN PERSON.


The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany has announced that there has been a relaxation of the rules for transit visas.

Citizens of several countries are subject to very strict transit visa policies if they intend to travel through a German airport.

HOWEVER, all travelers no longer require an airport transit visa (even if they are citizens of a suspect country) if they meet one or more of the following requirements:
- holders of a valid Canadian Permanent Resident Card
- holders of a valid Canadian visa
- travelers who leave Canada after having used a Canadian visa and still have legal status in Canada (Your status in Canada is legal until the date stamped in your passport when you entered Canada. If you have a work/study permit your status is legal until the permit expires.)

It is the responsibility of the individual traveler to ensure that their documents are valid for their journey into Germany and the Schengen Zone.


The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany has announced that "holders of a blue Canadian Travel Document (Convention of 28 July, 1951) do not need a visa for transit and/or short-term stay (tourism, business)."

This means that refugees in Canada holding an official (issued by the government of Canada) TRAVEL DOCUMENT do not need to have a visa to transit German airports, and that they could be allowed to stay in Germany for a short business or tourist trip.

It is the responsibility of the individual traveler to ensure that their documents are valid for their journey into Germany and the Schengen Zone.


The Government of Benin has increased the price of all visas by 100% effective immediately.

The good news is that Benin now offers fast service for payment of an extra $25 per applicant.

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The Government of Egypt, after keeping visa fees exceptionally low for a decade, has increased the price of all visas by up to 100% effective immediately.

However, even with the fee increase the price of an Egyptian tourist or business visa is still very cheap. Tourists are still only paying $40.

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24 March 2014


The Federal Police service of Brazil, which controls border points, has introduced a new entry and exit form for all foreign visitors. We suspect it is due to the expected influx of visitors for FIFA 2014. This is very similar to the entry card you fill in when returning to Canada, or the entry card you fill in to go to the USA.

ALL Canadians are required to have this form TYPED up before boarding the aircraft to Brazil.

We have already loaded the form on our website as part of the Brazilian visa forms package.

Here are their new rules:

- Fill out both pages of the entrance/departure form.

- Boxes 4 and 5 of the first page must be completed with arrival information (flight number/ ship name / Land transportation and country of origin).

- Boxes 4 and 5 of the second page must be completed with departure travel data (flight number/ ship name / Land transportation and country of destination).

- Foreigners, living in Brazil, that have limitation on length of stay outside the country, should fill out the first page with departure travel information.

- Although the form can be printed and filled in by hand, it is recommended to print the completed form only (this means TYPE ON SCREEN). If you make a mistake start again.

- At arrival, present the completed Entry/Exit Card (both pages), together with your passport or equivalent travel document to the Immigration Officer.

- Immigration officials will keep the first page and you will be given the second page, which will have been stamped, to retain while in Brazil.

- Keep it carefully.  If you lose it, arrive very early at the airport to have enough time to sort things out with immigration.  You may also receive a fine.

- When you leave Brazil, the second half of the entry/exit card will be taken by immigration official.

Click here for the new entry-exit regulations from the Brazilian authorities.

Click here for the new MANDATORY entry-exit form for Brazil.

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